Home Remedies For Low Blood Sugar

What Is Low Blood Sugar?

Low blood sugar or hypoglycemia is a condition which there will be an abnormally diminished amount of glucose in blood. In healthy people the fasting glucose level is more than 70 milligrams per deciliter. When the level of glucose falls below 70milligrams per deciliter a person gets the symptoms of low blood sugar. The important symptoms of low blood sugar are sweating, nervousness, weakness, extreme hunger, nausea, headache and dizziness, blurred vision, fast heartbeat etc.  It is necessary to restore the blood glucose level to normal by the ingestion or administration of carbohydrate foods. Low blood sugar results in inadequate supply of glucose to the brain. This can result in seizures, unconsciousness and permanent brain damage. It is necessary to understand the causes and treat the low blood sugar accordingly.  If the cause is not recognized, there are chances of recurrence of hypoglycemia. The important causes include physical activities, skipping or delaying the meal, insulin injections, and oral medications. Overdosing of insulin should be strictly avoided, especially during night time. There are many people who suffer from low blood sugar at night or nocturnal hypoglycemia. You can use various home remedies to control low blood sugar condition.

Home Remedies To Treat Low Blood Sugar

1.  Sugar
The primary treatment for low blood sugar is consuming sugar based carbohydrate. They get digested easily and enter the bloodstream quickly. This will help to bring the sugar content in blood to the normal level.
• Eat 15 grams of sugar when the warning signs of low blood sugar appear.
• Eating candies or raisins can also help to restore the blood sugar level quickly.
• Chocolates and cookies will take more time to digest and will not correct blood sugar as efficiently as sugar.
2. Honey
Honey contains natural sugar which is easily digested and absorbed into the blood. This will restore the normal blood sugar level.
• Consume 1 tablespoon of honey or jam when the symptoms start appearing.
3.  Dandelion Roots
Dandelion controls low blood sugar as it supports the working of pancreas and liver. The pancreas is the organ which produces insulin in your body.
• Consume dandelion roots in any form
4. Licorice Roots
Licorice root when consumes raises the blood sugar level without increasing the insulin production.
• Mix one teaspoon of licorice root powder and mix it with one glass of warm water
• Drink this mix twice daily to keep the sugar level normal.
5. Protein Rich Breakfast
It is better to include more protein than carbohydrate during breakfast.  Proteins are digested slowly and releases sugar slowly into the blood stream. This will help to maintain the blood sugar level.
• Avoid cereals, muffins and juices etc for breakfast.
• Consume egg, skimmed milk, cheese, avocados, chicken, beef, pulses, which are rich in proteins.
6. Eat Every Few Hours
Instead of having large meals three times a day, eat small quantities of food every few hours. This will help to keep the normal level of sugar in blood.
• Eat nuts, seeds or fruits as your snack.
7. Avoid Artificial Sugars
Most of the artificial sugars are chlorinated sugars which do not contain calories. Avoid Sorbitol, Aspartame high fructose corn syrup etc.
•  It is better to use sugar in lower quantity than using these artificial sweeteners, which reduces the blood sugar.
• You can replace the sugar with natural local honey for effective management of sugar levels.
8. Avoid Alcohol
Excessive alcohol consumption can disrupt the sugar balance of the body.
• Avoid consumption of alcohol if you are diabetic and are prone to hypoglycemia.
9. Cashew And Honey
Cashew and honey contains natural sugars which help to prevent low blood sugar.
• Mix 2 teaspoons of powdered cashew and one teaspoon of honey in a glass of water.
• Drink this mixture every night before going to bed.
• This will avoid nocturnal hypoglycemia or low blood sugar at night.
10.  Tomatoes
Tomatoes will help to keep the blood sugar at normal levels.
•  Eat 4-5 tomatoes every day, if you want to avoid low blood sugar.
11.  Magnesium
Magnesium helps to maintain the blood sugar level. So, include more magnesium rich food in the diet.
• Eat more spinach, nuts, fish or avocados to increase your daily supply of magnesium.
12.  Moderate Exercise
Exercises are necessary to control the blood sugar level. Avoid strenuous physical activity.
• Walking for 20 minutes at moderate speed will be helpful to maintain normal blood sugar level.
13.  Avoid Caffeine Intake
Studies have found that caffeine interferes with glucose metabolism so, avoid caffeine intake to avoid lowering of blood sugar level.
• Restrict your coffee intake to just one cup a day.
• Avoid other caffeinated drinks.
14.  Restrict Refined Food
Refined food item such as white bread, pastas, noodles, polished rice, etc can cause imbalance of blood sugar level, which will make you to increase the dose of your insulin injection which will result in low blood sugar.
• Consume brown rice, whole wheat or whole grain breads which will release sugar slowly into the blood.
15.  Eat Healthy And Fibrous Food
• Consume foods that are rich in antioxidants, fibers, iron and vitamin B, if you want to control low blood sugar problems.
It is necessary to check your blood sugar regularly, if you are opting for home remedies to control low blood sugar level. If you feel that you are not able to control the blood sugar levels effectively and they are going for a roller coaster ride then, do not hesitate to consult a doctor.
Are you suffering from mild or moderate fluctuation of blood sugar level? Are you experiencing low blood sugar levels at night? Do you want to know some effective home remedies to control low blood sugar condition? Try any of the above given methods and find out the most suitable remedy for your body.  Each home remedy will affect each person in a different way. Only through trial and error, you will be able to decide which the most suitable one for your need is.

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